How to Conceal Love Handles: Expert Tips on Shapewear and Outfit Choices

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There is this annoying bit of the body that stays stubbornly above the hips and just under the waist. Yes, it is none other than the dreaded love handles. They are nothing but excess fat around the sides of the waist and the downside is that no matter how much you diet or exercise, this part of the body is very tricky to reduce.

If you are at your wits end on how to hide the love handles so that you can confidently carry off an outfit, well good news is that there is a quick and simple way to hide them effectively and it is none other than shapewear. These curve-loving undergarment will not change your body shape but instead, allow you to accentuate parts of your body to make you feel more confident. Buying the right lower tummy shapewear can flatten the bulges around the stomach and gives you an overall slimmer effect. You can choose shapewear that are high waisted to conceal the tummy bulges. Control panties, waist trainers or corsets, mid thigh shaping shorts and more are effective for taming the love handles.

Outfit Styling Tips To Conceal Love Handles

Below are some styling tips on how you can hide the love handles.

  1. It is important to choose the tops or dresses well. Wear flowy tops or dresses that do not cling to the midsection. Avoid tops which are too tight on the sides.
  2. Put on an outer garment such as a kimono or blazer that looks great over a fitted dress. It can help to hide love handles and create a long and lean silhouette.
  3. Colors are important to hide bulkier areas. Wear darker colors as this will add a bit of extra slimming effect from head to toe. You can choose tops and dresses with flattering necklines to keep the eyes above the waist. Off-shoulder designs as well as V-necks, scoop necks and plunging necklines are flattering.
  4. Dresses with A-line silhouette can help conceal love handles and even a heavy hip area. Avoid body-hugging material such as satin and lycra.

The Best Shapewear For Hiding Love Handles

You would need strong shapewear to conceal the love handles. Choose firm control body shapers that will help to firm up this part of the body. High-waisted shapewear sch as tummy control shorts will firm and flatten the love handles as well as avoiding the spillage over the top.

All In One Body Shaper

A full bodysuit gives a clean line underneath your clothes. They offer mid support, 360 degree shaping and sculpting, and are seamless. The bodysuit can also be worn alone as flattering top.

Mid Thigh Shaping Shorts

These shaping garments are brilliant at firming up love handles. They are firm in control, high-waisted and mid-thigh in length. On top of giving a strong control on the midsection and hips, this booty lifting shapewear also does  a superb job of slimming and shaping the buttocks and thighs.

Body Shaping Dress

This shaping maxi dress is similar to a bodysuit but in the shape of a dress. If you want to wear a dress that can hide your love handles, then this comfortable shaping dress will work beautifully at hiding them and offering a slimmer figure. It features a built-in shapewear and double-lined power mesh lining with removable built-in padding.

Control Leggings

A pair of control leggings is great because it is visible and make you more comfortable with the feel of most shapewear pieces. This legging will offer the compression and support you need such as smoothing the love handles, lifting the buttocks and tone the thighs. During cooler weather, you can even wear this pair of leggings under anything.

The above are easy and fun styling tips that will help you to conceal those stubborn love handles as well as reshaping the silhouette of your body to highlight the areas you love.

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